Monday 01st August 2022,
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Spaces for People warnings ‘ignored’

Council chiefs have been accused of ‘consistently ignoring warnings’ after risking the council’s finances and reputation over Spaces for People schemes. [...]

August 10, 2021 Local News

‘Significant improvement required’ for Spaces for People schemes

Edinburgh City Council watchdogs have warned the local authority that ‘significant improvement is required’ over its controversial Spaces for People scheme. [...]

August 9, 2021 Local News

Transport chief – ‘There’s no war on motorists, but we are sticking up for those who can’t afford cars’

The figurehead of Edinburgh’s controversial Spaces for People scheme has hit back at critics – saying the council is not waging a war on motorists but is sticking up for the 45% of the city’s residents who don’t have access [...]

June 11, 2021 Local News

Spaces for People schemes could be in place for up to three years

Spaces for People measures are set to be in place for a further 18 months – meaning some ‘temporary’ traffic schemes will have been in place for three years before either being made permanent or scrapped entirely. [...]

June 10, 2021 Local News

Outrage as Leith Walk councillor accused of alleged sex crimes nominated for committee

A group of independent Edinburgh councillors have sparked outrage after trying to elect a councillor who is set to go on trial for alleged sex crimes to the council’s committees. [...]

May 28, 2021 Local News

Capital parents can now defer their child starting Primary School due to coronavirus

Primary age school children in Edinburgh can now automatically defer starting school for a year – due to the impact of coronavirus on their nursery development. [...]

May 28, 2021 Local News

Council to write off millions in statutory repairs debt

Edinburgh City Council is set to close the book on the controversial ‘statutory repairs’ saga – by admitting it cannot recoup £2.3m of debt owed to the council by affected homeowners. [...]

May 19, 2021 Local News

Council approve plans to install public toilets in Inverleith Park

Edinburgh City Council has agreed to invest £5m to revamp its public toilets network – including gender neutral facilities and contactless payment technology – and toilets will be installed in Inverleith Park.  [...]

April 30, 2021 Local News

Sharp rent increases proposed to make up cost of rent freeze

Edinburgh City Council bosses are considering raising council housing rents by 2.5% every year for the next four years – in a bid to recoup losses caused by a forced rent freeze this year. [...]

March 19, 2021 Local News

Council set to overhaul repairs service in wake of complaints

Edinburgh City Council is set to overhaul how it deals with council housing repairs, following numerous complaints over repair delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. [...]

March 19, 2021 Local News