Monday 01st August 2022,
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Families in Edinburgh urged to get Power of Attorney

Families across Edinburgh are being urged to arrange Power of Attorney (POA) with loved ones in a bid to protect their wishes in the event of a serious illness or accident.

Marking Power of Attorney Day this week, the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership has been holding pop-up events with the Council {picture} and the Living Memory Association in Ocean Terminal.

The events have been visited by dozens of people who benefited from tips and advice from members of the Partnership.

Power of Attorney is a legal document allowing a nominated person of authority to act or make decisions on a family member’s behalf.

This happens when a person loses the capacity to make their own decisions following an incident which leaves them unable to look after their financial or personal affairs.

Commenting, the Chair of the Edinburgh Integration Joint Board, Angus McCann, said“Unlike a Will which is for after you’re gone, Power of Attorney looks after you while you’re here.

“It gives someone else the authority to make decisions on your behalf and it’s not just about looking after your financial affairs; it can include decisions about where you live later in life and who looks after you.

“That’s why we’ve been encouraging families in Edinburgh to look into arrangements on Power of Attorney Day and all week long. It can avoid loved ones needing to apply through court, which can be a long, costly and emotional process.”

The Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership is one of 29 health and social care partnerships across Scotland encouraging people to apply for POA.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Power of Attorney should consult their lawyer or visit link). Some people may be eligible for a free service.

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