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Telford parking issues continue despite parking permit implementation

NECN Contributor1 23rd November 2018 Local News Comments Off on Telford parking issues continue despite parking permit implementation

Residents in Telford Drive have told how they can’t use their newly installed parking bays due to commuter traffic blocking the streets. 

Last year the council introduced a permit parking scheme on parts of the street but failed to put in yellow lines to stop cars from parking opposite the residents parking bays.

Cars park on footpaths in Telford Drive.

Now if residents park in their bays and a car is parked on the opposite side of the street the road is completely blocked.

As well as residents being unable to park in their designate bays they can’t use footpaths as cars and vans park on them forcing pedestrians to walk on the roads.

One angry resident claims the problem is now worse than it was before the permits were installed.

The resident said “It’s unfair that locks people are having to pay money for a parking permit and can’t use their spaces.

“It was obvious that the commuter traffic would just park on the opposite side of the road if they didn’t put Ines down.

“Now you walk along and there are cars parked all over the place and on the pavements.

“When will the council finally sort the problem out, do we need someone to be hurt or killed before the Council will finally deal with the problem.

“Locals fought for years to get something done on this issue and it feels as if we have been failed.

Cars park on the green spaces in Telford Drive.

“The answer is simple, put down yellow lines that stop parking on one side of the road and then the issue will be resolved.

“The cars are causing significant damage to some of the green spaces.

“The council have known about this for over a year but nothing has been done to fix it.”

The parking restrictions were installed following a campaign led by Drylaw & Telford Community Council who had received complaints from locals about the issues of commuter traffic.

Local councillor, Iain Whyte, said that the council need community support before implementing anything.

He said “The parking issues at Telford Drive desperately need a proper solution to make it safer for pedestrians and to give access for residents and emergency vehicles.

Cllr Whyte says the council need community support.

“The priority parking bays were an attempt to balance the views of residents to give access without banning parking in whole parts of the street as many residents didn’t want this.

“As time has moved on and the problem has grown we need to look at parking in the street again.

“I believe yellow lines are a possible answer but I would want to know what residents think about how extensive any changes should be.

“The Council must get community support before anything is implemented.”

Cllr Karen Doran, Transport Vice Convener, said: “We are aware of the parking issues in the Telford area and held a positive meeting with local Councillors, residents and the police last December.

“A walkabout around the area took place identifying the issues and we were asked by the residents to draw up proposals for additional yellow line restrictions on the roads.

“This has been done and details were passed to the residents soon after the visit. We are awaiting their feedback as we want to ensure we take forward a scheme that they are fully supportive of.”

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