Tuesday 15th August 2023,
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Lifeboat crew urges people to check Cramond Island crossing times following spike in call outs

Shocking new figures show that the volunteer lifeboat crew at South Queensferry have been called to rescue people from Cramond Island 27 times this year already. 

This equates to 57% of their yearly shouts. 

The charity is encouraging people to check the safe crossing times and be aware of the dangers when crossing the Cramond Causeway. 

Queensferry RNLI has rescued 66 casualties from Cramond in the first half of 2023, with just under half (44%) of those rescued in June alone.

Cramond is a tidal island that can be reached by low tide via a causeway.

However, once high tide arrives, people on the tidal island no longer have a safe passage back to the mainland and get stuck on the island, or on the causeway.

Individuals crossing the causeway to Cramond are encouraged to check the safe crossing times beforehand and arrange suitable plans to return back, but unfortunately, many members of the public have been caught offguard and have needed rescuing by the RNLI.

Michael Avril, Water Safety Lead for the RNLI in Scotland, says: “We’re seeing more and more people needing our support when visiting Cramond Island. 

“We’ve encountered people stuck on the island due to being cut off by the tide, and even had to rescue people who have attempted to walk back and been caught out by the high tide.

The RNLI’s Michael Avril (Water Safety Lead) and Julie Dominguez (volunteer crew member and helm at South Queensferry) encourage walkers to check the safe crossing times.

“We’d strongly encourage everyone planning to visit Cramond to check the safe crossing times before heading out to Cramond and return back to the mainland with adequate time to avoid being caught out by the tide.”

Queensferry RNLI Lifeboat Station was established in 1967, with the new station built in 2012. 

Volunteer crew member and helm, Julie Dominguez, says: “We want everyone to enjoy themselves this summer, which includes visiting nearby Cramond, without having to be rescued by the RNLI and caught in difficulty.

“Planning your day and timings could save you from being caught out by the tides and needing our assistance. However, accidents happen, and it is important that you are able to call for help if you need it. If you find yourself or spot others in trouble, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard straight away.

“Stay calm and don’t try and wade through the water as this could be dangerous.”

To check the safest times to cross, text CRAMOND to 81400 or check the clearly displayed signage before crossing the causeway.

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