Friday 21st July 2023,
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Warning issued after dog dies after eating ‘poison’ at Inverleith Park

Dog owners have been warned to take care in Inverleith Park after a dog died and several others became unwell after eating something on their walk. 

Several vets in the area have confirmed that they have had numerous similar cases of dogs being sick in the area – but they do not know the cause. 

It’s understood that all the dogs had eaten something harmful that was on the grass.

(Local Councillor, Hal Osler, has warned people to be aware.)

Councillor Hal Osler for Inverleith said: “You may be aware that very sadly some dogs have recently become ill and a couple have died having recently visited Inverleith Park.

“This is being investigated at the moment to find what it is and where it is (if it’s in the Park). 

“In the meantime, if you are exercising your dog in the Park please be aware.”

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