Friday 29th July 2022,
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Stockbridge parking ban plan ‘suspended’

Proposed plans to ban parking in Stockbridge have been halted by the council.

In what looks like a significant U-turn on previous plans, the Council have extended the consultation for, they claim, to ‘refine’ the proposals

We told earlier this week how local Councillor, Hal Osler, criticised the plans claiming they “left more questions than answers.”

The original plans would have seen a ban on parking, widening of pavements and the removal of street clutter in a bid to make it easier for people to socially distance as business begin to reopen in the coming week.

Street clutter would be removed under the plan.

The deadline for responding to the plan was yesterday. Since then the team overseeing it, Space for People, have confirmed the proposed work will be halted to allow them time to “refine the proposal” following feedback.

However, one local business claimed the proposals would not improve the situation in Stockbridge.

The owner, who declined to be named, said “The plan was ridiculous. The council went out with one plan for all these small-town centres, but one size does not fit all.

“They have failed to do a proper consultation and have tried to rush this through and it’s a mess.

“They now need to take time to speak to local businesses like us and ensure they get the pan right.

“But it is too little too late, shops have already started opening and we are still at the discussion stage. The council’s handling of this has been shambolic.”

It’s understood the new plans will come out for consultation around July 6 for people to comment on.

Local Councillor, Hal Osler, has criticised the council’s plan for Stockbridge.

Yesterday Councillor Osler said “They’ve “postponed” it due to the range of comments received so far they’ve realised that more detailed plans need to come forward to allow people a better understanding of what is proposed.

“The new plans will be out for consultation during the week of 6th July.”

Edinburgh Council have been approached for comment.

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