Monday 01st August 2022,
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Theresa May visits north Edinburgh ahead of this weeks General Election

Prime Minister Theresa May visited north Edinburgh today as part of the election campaign. [...]

June 5, 2017 Local News

Are you registered to vote for upcoming general election?

Are you registered to vote in this years general election? In 2014, Scotland went through the process of an independence referendum that had the highest turn out of any modern day vote in this country. The people of Scotland actively [...]

February 20, 2015 Local News

An opportunity to ask candidates for Mays election those questions you always wanted to

Do you shout at the television when the politicians are on telling us what they are going to do for us if we vote for them? Campaigning for the Westminster elections on May 7th has started already and its time [...]

February 18, 2015 Local News