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Are you registered to vote for upcoming general election?

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Are you registered to vote in this years general election?

In 2014, Scotland went through the process of an independence referendum that had the highest turn out of any modern day vote in this country. The people of Scotland actively engaged in the debate in all manner of ways, from public meetings to Saturday morning street stalls to social media. It was, quite simply, amazing to see.

Regardless of which way you voted in September, there is no denying that it was one of the most democratic and publicly engaging processes we’ve went through as a country but why should it stop there?

Typically, areas such as Muirhouse, Drylaw and West Pilton have extremely low turn outs at elections, averaging around 30-35%, but in September turn out peaked above the 80% mark in areas and averaged above 70%, that is phenomonal.

On Thursday May 7th, there’s going to be a general election and it’s going to be one of the most anticipated elections in recent memory given the way events have transpired since the No vote in September. With the SNP and Labour fighting it out for basically every seat in the country, SNP and Lib Dems here in the Edinburgh West constituency, every vote will count. It’s vital that we send a strong voice down to Westminster in May, a voice that will actually serve in the best interests of the Scottish people.

It is therefore frustrating that, after so many new voter registrations in the build up to the referendum, the electoral comminsion made changes to the register and the way that you register. It is thought that since these changes were implemented, immediately after the vote in September, that upto 20% of people on the voters roll have since fallen off it somehow.

So it begs the question, are you sure you’re registered to vote in May?

You can check if you’re registered by calling the Electoral Registration Office on 0131 344 2500. You can register online at Register to vote or complete the registration form in Muirhouse Community Shop, the deadline for voter registration for the general election is April 20th. Now more than ever, your vote counts for everything.

DON’T LOSE YOUR VOTE check you’re registered.

Written by Daniel Clouston


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