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TRIM and Friend’s of West Pilton join forces

NECN Contributor1 15th May 2015 Local News, Residents Group News Comments Off on TRIM and Friend’s of West Pilton join forces

TRIM has confirmed that they have accepted Friends of West Pilton as a partner.

Chairman Robert Pearson said “It’s great news that we have a new partner.

“FofWP is a new group and this will help give residents in Pilton a voice and representation.

“It will be good to work in partnership with them and will help extend the great work that we have done.”

FofWP Barbara Baeufoy said “I was invited to attend the Board only meeting of TRIM to discuss the way forward for Friends of West Pilton.

“I was delighted when the TRIM Board unanimously voted to incorporate FofWP into TRIM, as a bona fide partner, and to amend the TRIM constitution to this effect.

“It will join Muirhouse and West Pilton together – as it always should have been.

“We share the same area, demographics, shops, doctors, library, schools, transport and multitudinous other facilities – and the same issues – and we believe that together, united as one voice, we can make a difference.

“United we stand and can achieve great things whilst divided we fail everyone.

“Maybe there have been some historical reasons why Pennywell Road was used as the dividing line – but not any more.

“TRIM and FofWP believe in inclusion for all – little groups, big groups, couples, single parents, young people and children, the elderly, tenants and home owners.

“I would ask you to support FofWP in this venture – please like and share and show your support of us.”

More more information about FofWP click here.


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