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In conversation with Ricky Henderson about cuts to local projects

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Following the news last month about a number of local projects having funding bids rejected by the Integrated Joint Board (IJB) we arranged to interview Councillor, Ricky Henderson, who is the convenor of the board.

The IJB is made of councillors, officials and members from NHS Lothian.

We asked Ricky some questions about the process and how the council and IJB will ensure that service users don’t lose out.

We asked him about the process and what had been done on the runup to the decision’s being made?

Ricky responded to the suggestion that there was an imbalance in cuts to projects in north Edinburgh.

In terms of the Impact Assessment Survey, some projects have said it never happened. How would you respond to that?

Some projects are looking to try and secure twelve months of funding, would the IJB have any way of supporting them?

What will the IJB do to ensure that older people who lose services don’t become isolated?

Is there any commitment being made for transport to ensure older people will still be able to get to their groups and provision?

Now the process has been completed is there anything you would do differently or should have been done differently?

Who decided how much money was going into the IJB pot to be allocated to the third sector?

Where was the decision made it was only £14m over the three years?

What support has been offered to workers who may be made redundant due to these cuts?

To find out more about the North Edinburgh ‘Save Our Services’ campaign check out their facebook page by clicking here.

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